He’s Got Your Back

He’s Got Your Back

This post is so beautiful.


Zombie, Zombie, Zombie…

So the title’s a tad bit weird.  That’s okay.  I had a little bit too much Family Force 5 pounding in my ears.  It’s alright.

My last post was a little abrupt and confusing, but it was a blastoff blog post.  From here, we can only go up.

And up is where we’re going.  Have y’all ever considered the possibility of a God?  I mean, look around.  What do you see?  Beautiful trees, a bright sky, soft grass, chirping birds.  Everything you see right now, every living thing, was made by some sovereign entity.  His name is God.

Let me explain something to you.  God, which is sovereign, made this earth within the time period of seven days.  Well…actually six.  Then He rested on the seventh day.  How amazing is that?  Of course He made animals during that time period.  Then…He decided to make humans.  Someone who could take care of the animals, the land.  So He created Adam from the dust.  He saw that Adam was lonely and that he needed a lifelong partner, so God placed Adam in a deep sleep and carefully pulled a rib from him and made a woman named Eve.  Long story short, there was this tree called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and it was OFF LIMITS.  To anyone.  But Satan comes along, tempts Eve into taking a bite of its fruit, then she tempts Adam, and bam, their eyes were shot open and they realized that they were naked and that they had sinned.  They had the bright idea to hide from God, and we all know that wouldn’t work.  I love how God played along and was like “Where are you two at?”  and they crawled out from the bushes like, “Right here!”  It didn’t turn out well for them.  They were banished from the garden along with some other punishments.

Now, let’s skip to a few years later.  There was a woman named Mary, and she was a virgin.  She was engaged to a man named Joseph.  Mary was alone in her house one day, and an angel named Gabriel decides to pop in unexpectedly.  He told Mary not to be afraid, then told her she was going to give birth to the King of Kings.  This woman wasn’t even married yet.  Think about that…you’re not even married yet, but you get pregnant?  Well…I guess it’s not unusual in today’s world.  Anyway, she gives birth to Jesus a few months later.  He ends up being wronged.  The king didn’t like Him so he ordered that Jesus had to be crucified.  Jesus already knew this was going to happen, so He wasn’t surprised.  He knew He had to do it for the good of the world.  He is our salvation.  He died on the cross and three days later arose again.

Everything’s crumbled together, but the whole meaning of the story is that Jesus dies for US every day to give US new life.  He loves us so much.  I mean…He DIED for you.  He got nailed to a cross for you.  That’s love right there.

Do you want to know how to get to know Jesus?  Accept Hm.  Accept the One who accepts you.  Make Him the Lord of your life.  If you never do in your lifespan, then you will live an eternity in hell.  Not the best choice.

Message me if you need me.  I’m always here.

And here is some scripture for everything I wrote above:

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 Love you guys so much!

Sweet dreams of Candy Canes and Luke Hemmings,


Homecoming….Fun or Fail?

As of last night, I have now attended two Homecoming Dances.  Some may wonder if it’s even an appropriate occasion.  Of course with all the grinding sessions that occur at these dances, I would be wondering that too.  But I’m not.  Because a dance is an opportunity for us teenagers to gather together and have the time of our lives.  Not everyone that attends the dance has a grinding fest, which is probably the best decision they could make at that moment…anyways…what is you guys’ opinion on DANCES?  Let me know below!

Wishes of Candy Canes and Luke Hemmings,